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Sorry for the delay

If you are wondering when the next post is going to come with some new icons I have to say a massive big sorry and explain why.
I have been adding all my icons which seem slightly better than others to my deviantART account. If you have a deviantART account and want to show your support then you will find mine at http://elle19aug.deviantart.com

I'm going to be offline for a few days as I have broke my rib and in a lot of pain and making icons is the last thing on my mind right now.
Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day and thank you all for your patients *huggles & muggles*


Listen To Nature


Original Photos by shwilson. Used with permisson

Angel in rain


okay there is a reason why there is only one today...it is because this is the first time I had a go at making a 'rain' icon. Sad I know but I will add a few more and edit this so that there is another two to go with.
Hope you like...